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Monday, 11 May 2009 19:59

Mother Nature does a wonderful job of creating just what the body needs.  Much of this past wisdom has been lost from a fast-paced lifestyle and search for a quick-fix.  Integrative Health and Wellness incorporates the best of what nature has to offer and integrates it with the newest information based on the human gene, biochemistry, and physiology.

When we work with clients we have the philosophy, "No two people are the same and each deserves the time and attention to receive an individualized plan."  We work with top medical doctors to integrate the best treatments so each client may achieve their optimal health.


Why register on DrLynnLafferty.com:
  1. You will be part of an exclusive group that can access important information on new discoveries, and old remedies
  2. You will be able to access diagrams and forms needed for your appointment
  3. You will get updates about new products for medical conditions
  4. You will access recipes that are based on pharmacology to heal and put the body into balance

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What Dr. Lafferty's Patients are Saying

" I had a motor cycle accident over 20 years ago, and was told there was nothing but strong pain medicines for my inflammation and pain. I went to Dr. Lafferty and the natural approach decreased my pain and inflammation and I was able to stop my strong pain medicines, and much of my arthritis went away. "

Gary M.

" I thought my hormones were out of balance; but was told by the doctor, "All of your labs are fine, there is nothing wrong with you."  I did a saliva test which showed my adrenal glands were not working as well as they should.  When I started eating well, decreased my stress, and began taking supplements I was able to regain my energy, sleep well and feel good again. Thanks, Dr. Lafferty. "

Sallee K.